Diamond Repair

Diamonds are one of the hardest substances known to man, but sometimes even they can break. Diamonds are excellent for everyday wear but sometimes things happen. Has your diamond been chipped or damaged? Let us repair your damaged diamond. We work with some of the best diamond and gem cutters worldwide. This means we are able to repair:

  • Scratches, abrasions, nicks, cracks, and chips
  • Chipped or damaged culets
  • General damage and diamond repair
  • Burn or fire damage
  • Windowing in gemstones

We offer full re-cuts on broken diamonds and gemstones with extensive damage. For more information, bring in your damaged diamond or gemstone and we'll take a look. If your jewelry was damages too, you can see what we all repair here.

We Buy Diamonds!

We buy diamonds in any condition. Whether your diamond is damaged or perfectly fine, we would love to see it. Use the contact us box below and send us some more information. You can also stop in to our store. We are located at 152 North Main St, downtown West Bend. Click here to see all the jewelry items we buy.

Sell My Diamond

Give us some more info about the diamond you'd like to sell.