Watch Battery

Need a New Watch Battery?

Is your favorite watch battery dead? Let us help. We expertly install watch batteries for most brands and styles of watches, as well as offer service for watches that do not require batteries. We are proud to install Energizer 0% Mercury batteries. Energizer watch batteries are high quality and last a long time. A lifetime warranty is available! You’ll never have to worry about your watch’s battery again.

Three Year Warranty

$ 10
per battery
  • Our standard, 3 year warranty.

Lifetime Warranty

$ 20
per battery
  • Our most popular, lifetime warranty.

Is Your Watch Broken and Need Repair?

Is your watch in need of repair or cleaning? We can help with that as well. While we do not work on watches in house, we can get your watch to the appropriate authorized repair center. The prices for watch services vary per watch depending on the make and model. We make getting your watch working again simple. Whether it needs a full service or just a new battery, all you have to do is bring your watch in and let us do the rest. You can schedule an appointment by filling out the form below.