The Magic of Canadamark Diamonds

Canadamark diamonds are truly special. They are mined in Canada’s Northwest Territories at the Diavik and Ekati diamond mines, only 200 miles from the Arctic Circle. These Canadian diamonds follow rigorous cutting and polishing procedures to make sure that every CanadaMark diamond is as beautiful as the next. Each diamond is cut to precise standards and include an independent grading report and are individually laser inscribed with a traceable report number. You can see where in Canada your diamond came from, as well as the original weight of the rough diamond.


The Canadamark Diamond Mines

Candamark diamonds are mined in Canada’s North West Territories with partner ships between the government and locals. 

Canadamark, in partnership with the Canadian government and local leaders, strive to mine in an Earth conscious way. 

The Canadamark Diamond Journey

Canamark diamonds follow a strict cutting and polishing process. After the diamonds are mined, the rough is planned to figure out what size and shape diamond it will yield. After the rough diamond is planned, it is sawn into pieces, usually with lasers. 

After the rough diamond has been planned and sawn, it begins the cutting process with bruting, or shaping. The outline of the Canadamark diamond begins to take shape. One the shape has been worked out, the diamond is blocked. This is when the diamond get it’s first 16 facets; eight on the pavilion and the eight top facets. 

Once the diamond has been blocked, the final 40 facets are polished and what remains from the original rough diamond is a stunning Canadamark diamond with around 58 facets. The diamond is then sent for an independent grading report from a gemological laboratory.

Show your love with Canadamark

A one of a kind love deserves an exceptional diamond. Show your love with a Canadamark diamond. Ethically sourced and tracked from mine to market, these diamonds are truly breathtaking. To learn more about CanadaMark diamonds, please send us a message or schedule an appointment. We would love to help find the perfect diamond for the engagement ring of your dreams.