CanadaMark Diamonds

Lets talk Canadian diamonds, specifically CanadaMark diamonds. CanadaMark diamonds are mined in the Northwest Territories and are 100% ethically sourced. What makes these diamonds so special? They are pulled from the ground 200 miles from the Arctic Circle and follow rigorous cutting and polishing procedures to make sure that every CanadaMark diamond is as beautiful as the next. Each and every diamond is cut to precise standards and include an independent grading report and are individually laser inscribed with a traceable report number. You can see where in Canada your diamond came from, as well as it's original weight. Scroll down to see the steps every CanadaMark diamond follows from mine to market.

Once the diamond is mined, the rough needs to be planned.

After planning and sawing the rough, the CanadaMark diamond is bruted and blocked.

58 facets and a final polish later, the results are magical.

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